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As someone who has never been married and has no children, Monique understands the struggle of waiting...patiently. She is 41 years old, and a virgin. That's right. A virgin. Born and raised in Southern California, Monique has purposed in her heart to honor God and be obedient to His Word. She is waiting until her wedding night to be the first time she has sex. BUT, that does not mean she has not been tested and tempted. So, from scripture and personal life stories, she seeks to encourage and teach her fellow singles. She has created the Pursuing Purity Online Courses to help individuals who are seeking to honor God with their bodies, gain confidence in their relationship with Christ, learn how to resist temptation and overcome areas they have struggled in.

With her witty sense of humor and knowledge of scripture, you will find yourself laughing, being challenged, convicted and encouraged as you pursue purity God's way. There is freedom, understanding and knowledge to be gained as you go through these courses. These courses are an excellent addition to her book Pursuing Purity Under Pressure.

Monique does not believe you have to learn the hard way. Her goal is to help you avoid pain, save time and grow spiritually.

In addition to speaking, writing and creating online courses, Monique is also a worship leader. To find out more about Monique and her ministry, visit her website:

You can also check out her podcast:



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