Monique's ministry style is nothing short of inspiring. Her impactful presentations, infused with humor and profound wisdom, have a transformative effect on audiences. They are highly engaging and undeniably relevant to our time. She's a beacon of light, guiding others towards a deeper connection with God.

Tony Anthony

CEO- Great Commission Society

London, England

Monique De Leon, a woman of God and faith, ministers in a unique way, in the sense that she's sensitive to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. We see the evidence of the outworking of the Holy Spirit as God uses her at every meeting whether it is in our schools, prisons or local churches. So many of our people, especially our young children who live in bondage because of wrong decisions they've made, receive deliverance through prayer, one-on-one counseling, encouragement and the powerful message Monique brings. Monique is a real gem in the Kingdom and a blessing to many across the globe.

Rosy Jacobs

Ministry Administrator

World Hope Ministries

Johannesburg, South Africa

Monique is a truly remarkable woman of God—radiant, gifted, and deeply devoted to advancing His Kingdom. I had the privilege of meeting Monique through her dedicated service at TRINICY, Inc., where she shines as a Christian Mentor, guiding young women with a solid biblical foundation and unwavering commitment to purity. In a world saturated with sexual pressures, Monique's steadfast stance on abstinence and purity is a beacon of hope and strength for young women everywhere. TRINICY has wisely entrusted three Mentees to her loving care—one in middle school, one in high school, and one in college—highlighting the profound impact of her ministry. Monique's life is a living testimony to the beauty and joy found in surrendering to God's plan. While her spiritual depth may be challenging for some to grasp, her journey exemplifies that a life of sexual purity is not only attainable but also enriching, deepening our trust in God's faithfulness. Monique is truly a rare gem, and her ministry is a blessing to all who encounter it.

Merzamie Clark

Founder - TRINICY, Inc.

Arizona, U.S.A.

“Monique is unashamedly not conforming to the patterns of this world and seeking to inspire others to live boldly and purely for Christ. Her ministry and message are an inspiration for many because she doesn’t just talk about it, she is about it. I am grateful for how passionately and intimately she ministered to the Young Adults in our church. It was a blessing to partner with her.”

Pastor Sam Buchanan

Young Adult Pastor - Cottonwood Church

California, U.S.A.

What People Have To Say About The Courses


Rell B.

(Sex - Spirit, Soul & Body)

I was able to take this course within a few days starting out, but after the first day or two realized how deep and impactful this course is. I was challenged to thoroughly go over the material again and take more time to digest it.

This course was very much needed; especially in today's hyper-sexualized culture and times. This was very educational and spiritually empowering in order to deal with today's society. Not in a judgemental way, but in an loving and empowering way to seek God's Will and His best for me in the midst of what I want and what the world tries to give me.

This course really helped out and teaching me to be patient, trust God, and withstand the pressures of society in order to achieve desires through Christ and not my own lustful ways that leave many of us empty and unfulfilled.

Thank you so much for creating this course. I truly hope that many others will begin this journey with this course, and help them out in today's time.


Merci M.

(Temptation Under Pressure)

Monique presents how to navigate life when confronted with temptation under pressure. She has a refreshing and light-hearted storyteller approach that draws the listener in and brings the stories in the bible alive. She also shares a few candid stories of one famous person who withstood temptation (Tim Tebow), which I found intriguing.

The course is broken down into several short videos that are easy to digest and can be taken at your own pace. Monique is a true woman of God who has withstood the test of time and remains a steady encouragement for all to continue to grow in character and depth in their relationship with God. It was a refreshing reminder to continue to apply these principles in my own life.

I recommend this course to young teenagers and adults who want to learn how to live authentically pure in a day when everything is set against them. Monique gives us relevant tools to strengthen our understanding, resolve and overall success.


Naomi C.

(Pursuing God Under Pressure)

I absolutely loved the different modules you did and broke it down with different videos instead of one big chunk.

And what it means to pursue God in His word, His presence and His people along with the different scriptures you took and applied to each module and explained each one, and how to live it out and apply it to our life. And how its so important to do be in His word, His presence and then serve His people.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I pray God gives me the desires of His heart as I seek Him more.


Jermaine J.

(Temptation Under Pressure)

I just did all five modules and worksheets for Temptation Under Pressure. And it. Was. Awesome. Monique De Leon explains her teachings with simplicity to where anyone can comprehend the lessons.

The modules were well designed, and the true effectiveness comes when one engages the worksheets along with the videos. There was no beating around the bush with the teachings. As soon as you hit play, she immediately deep dives into the topic without any hesitation. I was so addicted to the good teaching, I watched all five modules back to back.

One of the great attributes of the videos was the shortness of videos. This generation has a short attention span so that was brilliant on Monique’s part to break them up into under ten minute clips.

One of my favorites in the latter part of the modules is when Monique brought a human face to Jesus and the other greats in the Bible. She brings the perspective that they were human just like the rest of us and faced temptations, trials and aggravations. Often times we put these Bible superheroes on unrealistic pedestals and point our fingers at other saints to live up to these fanciful impracticalities and facades that none of us can live up to ourselves.

Overall, if you are having issues with temptation, lust, food, drugs, alcohol, etc., Temptation Under Pressure is presented not only from a clear Biblical perspective, but from a PRACTICAL standpoint. The eight practical solutions on how to deal with temptation under pressure from Monique are presented from an inexcusable standpoint to where EVERYBODY can escape temptation if they wanted.


Torijean S.

(Pursuing God Under Pressure)

The first thing of importance of this course is digging into the word of God. Having that foundation sets the stage for what God's standards are. So from that standpoint, the course took a great turn. As for the course itself, it gives a different insight to how I myself looked at things. I've always been taught that it's God's way, but never really took a look for myself. So I really encourage people to take the course and see how God can lead you in this path because He should always remain number 1 on this journey of purity.


Errol C.

(The Holy Spirit)

I really enjoyed the Holy Spirit course. I learned a lot of key factors about The Holy Spirit. Like He is a He, and not an it. The Holy Spirit is here to lead and guide us through all truth. He is our comforter and He interprets our moans and groans when we can't form the words to say. This course is definitely worth taking. Take plenty of notes and pause so you don't miss anything. It's a ton of jewels and information that's given to you.


Errol C.

(Holiness Under Pressure)

I've learned that Holiness is obtainable in our lives. We make it seem so hard, but its just being set apart for what God created you to be. I've learned the real meaning of taking God's name in vain. This course helped me to understand that living a life of Holiness is something worth striving for and easier than we think. I also learned the importance of being equally yoked with someone and not "missionary dating", but being equally yoked also refers to business relationships and friendships as well. I want God to show up and show out in my life so I must do my part and live a life of Holiness.



(The Holy Spirit)

The Holy Spirit and Holiness Course focuses on who is the Holy Spirt, His role in our lives as written in scripture, and a breakdown and steps to living a holy life. In this course we discover the nature of the Holy spirit, how pride can interfere with the Holy Spirit working in our lives and how we can overcome. It’s hard to find a course or video that speaks frankly on lust, the dangers of living carnally minded, and UNDERSTANDING what “putting the flesh to death” means as Paul so blatantly puts it. If you are young and struggling with this topic and are looking for young like minded people, this might be a course for you. As someone who struggled with living biblically because I felt no connection to others my age, living biblically- I know there is a joy and motivation in finding a place, such as this course, that is taught by someone in the same age bracket as myself.

The modules discuss bible stories and scriptures in the Old Testament that tie into living a holy sanctified life. So if you were looking into reading the Old Testament but don’t know how or where to start, this is for you. It is important to read the Old Testament scriptures for foundational understanding of who Christ is and why He sent us His Holy Spirit- yet the Old Testament seems to be a more daunting place to start. Monique leads us to scripture in books such as Judges and Zachariah that are a perfect starting points that should spark interest and conviction in reading Old Testament scripture.

The Word of God is sometimes regarded as “outdated” because of how language has evolved. Remember- we don’t hold the bible to worldly standards. It is biblical standards that we align the world to. That being said, biblical terminology can be difficult to understand in context. Words such as “carnal” “submit” and “righteous” can be difficult to understand when you are not reading with a spiritual mindset. Monique does a great job in breaking down terminology and providing everyday examples towards you will see as you read the Word.

The course is succinct with complimentary worksheets for each module. My favorite Module was 4 “Your Part.” I enjoyed the everyday examples used.



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