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1. Pursuing God Under Pressure

This course is designed to help you grow in your relationship with God. To give you a greater understanding of what it looks like to pursue Him. In this course we will discuss 3 main ways we pursue Him. You will be equipped with lots of scripture to go back to and meditate on, memorize and put into practice. Gain confidence in your relationship with God. For more info click below.

2. Temptation Under Pressure

Temptation happens on a daily basis. And it's unavoidable! But Monique will give you her signature "8 Keys to Winning at Temptation" to help you overcome. In this course you will learn what temptation is and what it's not, why God allows temptation and see some examples from scripture of people who were just like us. If you allow your flesh to do everything and anything it wants, you will not be successful. Learn to rule it before it rules you! And you will learn that in this course. For more info click below.

3. Sex - Spirit, Soul & Body

We will cover a lot of ground in this course. It is the largest one.

We will talk about:

-Culture and sex

-How sex is 3 parts

-Why wait?

-Masturbation and oral sex

-Your thought life

-And much more

Get ready to be challenged, encouraged and equipped. You can be successful at honoring God with your body. And you'll learn that in this course. This course will be a definite favorite. Click below for more details.

4. The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is not an "it". He's a person. And you will learn that thoroughly in this course. Many people know Him as the third person in the Trinity...but that's it. In this course you will get a greater understanding of who He is, what His role is in your life and how it's by HIS power you overcome. Along with what will hinder you from hearing His voice and the part that you have to play in stepping into freedom. Getting to know Him better is the key ingredient. Click below to get started.

5. Holiness (Under Pressure)

Holiness is a word we don't hear that much about anymore. It sounds pretty pseudo-spiritual, unrelatable and irrelevant to today's world. But you will discover in this course how untrue that is! You will learn the blessing and benefit of living a life that is holy, what exactly holiness is and what it isn't, what God expects from us and how to live this life out day by day. It's an eye opening course that will give you confidence in your walk with Christ and relieve you from any pressure of trying to be a "perfect Christian". Click below to get started.

With every course you will notice an emphasis on the importance of getting into the word of God. So with each course you will be given lots of scripture to equip you and empower you to overcome. Be blessed and enjoy these courses as your life is transformed by them and you experience the freedom God intended for you!



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