Monique's Brand New Book!

Satisfyingly Single...for now!

"Satisfyingly Single" is by far one of the best books on relationships out there. What sets it apart? It's completely devoid of clichés. Monique has a unique ability to bring the text alive with relatable examples, making complex topics not just understandable, but also engaging.

The book covers a broad range of relational aspects, from being content in singleness to understanding when you're ready for more serious commitments like marriage. It strikes a fine balance, encouraging personal growth while not pushing any specific agenda. Its relatability transcends denominational boundaries, resonating with all Christ followers.

The only downside is that the book eventually ends, leaving you craving for more. It's a rollercoaster of emotions: it will make you laugh, compel you to think deeply, and, most importantly, guide you toward making the best decisions for your future while remaining biblically aligned.

Satisfyingly Single isn't just a book; it's a life guide for anyone navigating the complexities of relationships at any stage. It's a guide for men and women, young and old.

This book is perfect for all the single people in your life! They will be encouraged, challenged and inspired. It can also be used as a part of a book club.

Along with this book, Monique is setting up Singles Conferences across the U.S. Christian singles are a very large demographic within the body of Christ that Monique believes are not ministered to enough as a whole. So, she has a fresh vision to resource Christian singles and help them grow in their walk with God. For more information, and how you can host one please send an email or book a call on her Booking page.

Pursuing Purity Under Pressure

Get the book that is starting a movement! Insightful, encouraging, challenging and relatable is how you would describe this book from Monique. Especially in the world we live in today, it's nice to have a fresh voice tackle such a topic that is not talked about enough in the church today. Monique does so in a way that young and old, single or dating, men and women will be able to relate to. This book will not only encourage you on your walk in purity but will also stir your heart to dig deeper into God's word. It also comforts and gives hope to those who may have gone contrary to God's original plan. This is a must-read for every believer; male and female, young and old, single and married.

Women in the Lineage of Jesus

There were only 5 of them, but who were they? Why did God include them? What was the significance in having them listed in the lineage of His Son? In this eBook from Monique, you will be inspired and encouraged as you learn about these women. You will enjoy this quick read that is full of history, information and insight.

Monique's books are perfect to use for Book Clubs. They are also great gifts to give your conference attendees. For questions on ordering them in bulk please call or send an email.



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